EZPay Bill Payment


We make bill paying easy with EZPay

EZPay offers you the convenience of paying your bills via a secure web site on the Internet, using your home or office computer. Bill Pay is now available within our FREE Mobile App too!


When using EZPay you will no longer have to buy stamps and envelopes, or depend on the postal service to deliver your payments on time.  EZPay is absolutely FREE with any Sky FCU checking account.


What will I be able to do using EZPay?

It’s everything you’ve come to expect from a Bill Pay and so much more. You have greater freedom to enjoy life thanks to the enhanced convenience, savings and security of our EZ Pay Bill Payment from Sky Federal Credit Union.

  • Pay, manage and track payments
  • Easily schedule recurring or single payments
  • Receive bills electronically
  • Pay either an individual (such as a babysitter) or a company
  • Receive customized account notifications through email or text message
  • Schedule payment reminders
  • Never pay for postage, envelopes or late fees again
  • Track payment history
  • Easily choose (or change) from which account to deduct payment

Is my account information current using EZPay?

EZPay billsAll of your account balance information is current and viewable immediately. Your bill payment transactions are submitted once each day by 12:00pm. Please keep this information in mind when scheduling your payment dates. For example: On June 1 you access EZPay to schedule a payment to be made that day, if you are on the system before we submit payments that day, your payment will be included. However, if you access the system after we have submitted payments for that day, your payment will be scheduled for the next business day.

How do I begin using EZPay?

If you are a current user of Sky@home Online Banking, sign in and click on the “Pay Bills” icon and complete the enrollment form and you can begin using EZPay right away.

Not a user of Sky@Home Online Banking? We will need to help you get started. Call us at (800) 445-3328 and we will have you paying your bills online in no time!

If you would like to take a look at our EZPay system before you sign up, just click the link below for a 15 minute demonstration.

View Demo Image

Questions??  Contact Bill Pay directly at (855) 890-6117, use the Live Chat option on the EZPay Bill Pay webpage, or contact Sky Federal Credit Union at (800) 445-3328.

EZ Pay Bill Pay Agreement

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