The world of finance is large and complicated, but we wanted to make is simple for you. We have created an array of educational material for you to utilize as you please. This will help you through money management, your first loan, and much more!

MyTwoCents - Tune In and Get Ashley's Two Cents

MyTwoCents 01 - Parents - Being a Good Money Roll Model


MyTwoCents 02 - Accounts Available to Young Adults

MyTwoCents 03 - Beginning Budgeting

MyTwoCents 04 - What is Credit?

MyTwoCents 05 - How Do Loans Work?

MyTwoCents 06 - Auto Loans

 MyTwoCents 07 - Budgeting with Hannah

My Two Cents 08 - Car Loans with Hannah

My Two Cents 09 - Savings and Investing with Hannah

My Two Cents 10 - Meet Parker and Dakota

My Two Cents 11 - New Phone - Can I Afford It?

My Two Cents 12 - Account Options

My Two Cents 13 - Credit Card Offers

Basic Credit Union Vocabulary

Low Down on Loans

S.K.Y. Account Need to Know

The Ins and Outs of Credit

First Time Auto Loan Need to Know

For Parents