4-H/FFA Loans

Girls with horseWe recognize the financial need of young people in our communities for 4-H or FFA projects, as well as financial education and the establishment of a credit history. We believe area youth are extremely important to the future of our farming and ranching communities. This loan program has been specifically designed for them.

In addition to this program, we also support these programs by purchasing 4-H animals at local fairs, as well as participating in sponsorships for 4-H and FFA endeavors.

Terms of the Loan

3.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) up to 10 months maximum maturity

No processing fees or loan origination fees

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boy with halterExamples of Loan Payoffs on Single-Payment Loan Structure For Projects:

$120 Loan
$120.00 @ 3.50% APR x 137 Days
(May 16 through Sep. 30) $1.58 Interest
$121.58 Total

$200 Loan
$200.00 @ 3.50% APR x 168 Days
(Apr. 15 through Sep. 30) $3.22 Interest
$203.22 Total

$1,200 Loan
$1,200 @ 3.50% APR x 288 Days
(Dec. 16 through Sep. 30) $33.14 Interest
$1,233.14 Total

Call us at (800) 445-3328 or email us at memberservices@skyfcu.org and one of our helpful Financial Services Officers will walk you through the process!

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