Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is a service that transfers funds from a member's Share or the loan deisingated by the member to cover transactions presented for payment in excess of their checking account balance. 

  • Transfers funds to checking from a desiginated share or loan account
  • An Overdraft Transfer fee of $5 may apply for each occurrence
  • Overdraft transfer default sequence: (members can change the default sequence)
    • Overdraft Line of Credit (if available)
    • Primary share account
  • Transfers are in increments of $100 from a loan account and $50 from a share account

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay protects you in case you inadvertently have an overdraft.

  • No annual fee
  • Automatic advancements to checking account up to $1,000 (based on qualification), when you run out of money
  • When courtesy pay is used your NSF item will be paid instead of returned, which avoids multiple NSF fees, or NSF fees from the merchant 

If you do not wish to have courtesy pay, you have the option to opt-out, however, this means any NSF items may be returned. With Courtesy Pay, Sky FCU will pay an item that will overdraw your checking account.

Sky FCU makes decisions on whether or not to pay/authorize items based on the risk associated with the account, the member, and the transaction. We may not provide Courtesy Pay coverage on all items.

Overdraft Protection Loans

Our Overdraft Protection Loan is a Line of Credit that kicks in when a transaction is presented for payment exceeding the funds available in your share draft account. When you have an Overdraft Protection Loan in place, the funds will automatically be transferred to cover the transaction. An Overdraft Protection Loan adds another level of protection in case there are errors in your checkbook. The credit line may save you the embarrassment of having your checks returned unpaid and the cost of return check fees from both the merchant and the credit union.

  • Conveniently meet needs as they arise; no need to reapply
  • Local, Montana decision making and processing
  • Friendly, attentive service from start to finish