Make saving easier with our WINcentive™ Savings Account — an account designed to incentivize you to save. This account is available exclusively to members at participating credit unions. As you make deposits, you increase your chances of winning monthly, quarterly and annual cash drawings of up to $5,000. Meanwhile, your balance grows with competitive dividend earnings — so you win no matter what!*

    • Automatically enters you to win cash prizes of up to $5,000
    • The more you save, the better your chances of winning
    • Prize Pool includes:
      • $100 – Monthly Drawings
      • $1,000, $500 & $250 – Quarterly Drawings
      • $5,000, $2,500 & 1,000 – Annual Drawings
    • Qualifying entry amounts:
      • 1 entry per $25 month-over-month balance increase
      • Max number of total entries (per month) = 4 ($100)
      • Max number of total entries (per quarter) = 12 ($300)
      • Max number of total entries (per year) = 48 ($1200)
    • Competitive dividends on balances
    • Maximum of two withdrawals per 12-month period (fees apply)*
    • One penalty-free withdrawal at 12-month anniversary of account opening*
    • Deposits can be made through:
      • Payroll deduction
      • Direct deposit
      • In person
      • By mail
    • Online banking available
    • Mobile banking available
    • eStatements available


*Additional Information:

  • First withdrawal = $10
  • Second withdrawal = $25
  • Third withdrawal = account closure is required (no penalty); all entries forfeited.
  • $5 minimum opening deposit

A third withdrawal per 12-month period requires account closure, without penalty. An account can be closed at any time. If an account is closed, the member is ineligible to open another WSA account for a period of 90 days and all entries earned to that point are also forfeited upon closure. Any funds in the account at closure will be transferred to your Regular membership savings.

Account Payout

After a member has reached their 12-month anniversary date (13th month) from account opening, the member is permitted to make one penalty-free withdrawal from the account during the anniversary month. For example, if someone opens an account October 24, 2017, they have all of October 2018 to exercise their onetime penalty-free withdrawal.

After 12 consecutive months of savings, the account will automatically roll-over to a new savings period. As a reward for saving, the balance will also re-set to zero at the beginning of the new program savings period. The member will earn entries in the new month based on the current new balance. For example, if someone has a $100 balance in their WSA account at the end of their 12 month anniversary and they choose to continue to save funds in their WSA account, they will have already earned their 4 qualifying entries for the upcoming months drawing.

Qualifying Requirements
  • Credit Union member in good standing.
  • Limited to 1 member account per person (or joint membership account, with primary account holder receiving entry)
  • Can only be a resident of Montana.
  • Board members are eligible to participate.
  • Employees/family/spouses may participate.
  • Business and trust accounts, or other non-member accounts, are not eligible.
  • Account must be open and active to win during drawing period.
  • An account holder is only eligible to win once per drawing pool; for example, an account holder, regardless of the number of entries, may only win 1 monthly state-wide drawing per month, and 1 quarterly state-wide drawing per quarter.
WINcentive Winners

Monthly Winners:

October-18 Susan S. $100.00
December-18 Maurice L. $100.00
January-19 Andrew M. $100.00
February-19 Peggy S. $100.00
March-19 Susan S. $100.00
April-19 Barbara D. $100.00
July-19 Karen R. $100.00
September-19 Dana G. $100.00
February-20 Lori O. $100.00

Joseph O.   Jane D.

May-20 Corey S. $100.00
August-20 Patti N. $100.00
November-20 Ashley C. $100.00
January-21 Susan H. $100.00
April-21 Richard S. $100.00
June-21 Dan D. $100.00
August-21 Kris S. $100.00

Daniel K. Melanie E.

$100.00    $100.00


Heather H. Katelyn M.

$100.00    $100.00
March-22 Rosmond T. $100.00
April-22 Lori O. $100.00
December-22 Patti N. $100.00
January-23 Jennifer C. $100.00
February-23 Marie H. $100.00
March-23 Dana G. $100.00
August-23 Jason H $100.00
September-23 Sandra S $100.00
March-24 Sandra T $100.00


Quarterly Winners:

4th Quarter 2019 Dan D. $1,000.00
4th Quarter 2020 Thomas C. $1,000.00
1st Quarter 2021 Lori O. $500.00
2nd Quarter 2021 Richard S. $500.00
2nd Quarter 2023 Ashley C. $500.00


Annual Winners

2020 Rubianne L. $5,000.00