Access your Sky FCU accounts 24/7 with your telephone. There’s no charge, and all account information is current.

Getting Started
  1. Use a touch-tone phone.  Toll Free:  1-800-701.9931    Local:  406-222-0180
  2. When entering information such as an account number, Telephone Teller may pause for a moment. However, if you enter the information followed by the “pound sign.”  This is the pound key (#) on your phone pad, it will bypass the pause.  When you press this key, you are telling Telephone Teller that you have finished entering the requested information.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your account number and your 4-digit audio PIN.
  4. Once you have entered your account number and audio PIN, you will be taken to the Main Menu.

Main Menu

  • Account Balance Information:
    • savings, checking, certificates, IRAs and loans
  • Account History:
    • cleared checks, deposits and withdrawal information
  • Activate a Card or to Change your Debit Card PIN:
  • Transfer Funds or Make a Payment:
    • transfers from savings to checking or checking to savings within the same account number or to another authorized member’s account
    • make loan payments by transferring funds from savings or checking
  • Share or Loan Withdrawal:
    • withdrawal funds by requesting a check payable to yourself
  • More Options:
    • Stop Payment information
    • Future Dated Transactions
    • Change your audio PIN
    • Credit union information
  • Transfer to State National regarding a Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) Notice
  • Report a card lost or stolen

At any time during your call you can press three (3) and the star key (*) to return to the main menu. 

If you need to inquire about different account, you may press nine (9) and the star key (*) to switch to a different account number. 

If you need assistance during your call, you can press one (1) and the star key (*) for the help menu or press zero (0) to speak with a service representative. The non-automated option is only available during regular credit union business hours.


What information do I need to use Telephone Teller?

You will need your account number, audio PIN, and the type of account you wish to access. Telephone Teller will prompt you to choose from checking, savings, loan, credit card, mortgage, etc. You may find it very helpful to have your account ID’s on hand at the time of your call. Your account ID’s are available on our Sky Federal Credit Union statement.

What about Security?

Telephone Teller is designed with a number of security features. You will be able to customize your audio PIN when you call or change it at any time by contacting the credit union at (800) 445-3328.

The system will ask you to enter your account number and audio PIN each time you call. Only you, and the authorized people you have given your audio PIN to, will have access to your account. The credit union staff do not have access to your audio PIN — they will only have the ability to reset it.

How accurate and up-to-date is my account information?

All account information and transactions you request are current and immediate. The information within Telephone Teller is the same as that available at our teller stations.