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Set aside to for the purchase of your first home. Boost your funds with competitive dividends paid monthly.

  • Set aside funds for the purchase of a first home
  • Competitive dividends paid monthly, based on average daily balance
  • No setup charges or service fees
  • May offer benefits on your Montana tax return*
  • Can be funded systematically with automatic transfer, direct deposit or payroll deduction
  • No minimum deposit to open

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Additional Information

Deductible contribution limits are set by the Montana Department of Revenue and may be increased for a married couple filing jointly. Deposits to a Montana First Time Home Buyers Savings Account can be made for up to 10 years or until account holders purchase their first home, whichever comes first.

Dividend earnings on a First Time Home Buyers Account is not subject to Montana Income taxation if left in the account or if withdrawn for eligible costs of a purchase for a single-family residence.

If you have any questions about our First Time Home Buyers Account or any other shares products, please contact a Financial Services Representative at (800) 445-3328 for more information.

*Expenses to qualify for a Montana income tax reduction. Please consult with a tax professional for any advice on the benefits of this type of account.