Overcome obstacles or jump on opportunities that come your way. We offer competitive rates and local customer support.

  • Competitive rates
  • Expanded audit and control capabilities to enhance your business’s cash management
  • Give your employees a convenient and efficient way to handle company travel and entertainment expenses
  • Credit limit is established to meet your needs
  • Individual limits can be set for each cardholder
  • Can be used for business-to-business purchases, saving costly COD and other charges
  • Get immediate answers with a local Visa® specialist
  • Convenient payments by mail, online, or in any branch
Secured Visa® Credit Card

Looking to build or repair your credit? We've got the perfect card to help you.

Our Secured Visa® credit card gives almost anyone the opportunity to build good credit responsibly without paying high rates or outrageous fees.

  • Easy application process
  • No application fee
  • No annual fee
  • Your limit is determined by a deposit secured in a separate Sky savings account.
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Maximum deposit: $10,000
  • You can increase your limit at any time by depositing additional funds and requesting a limit increase online.

The Secured Visa® Credit Card is available to Sky Federal Credit Union members ages 18 and older.

Falcon Fraud Manager

Falcon Fraud Manager provides world-class capabilities to prevent, detect, and resolve financial fraud across any payment method, including debit and credit cards. The Falcon Fraud Manager program for Debit and Credit brings a more holistic approach to fraud protection by better understanding customers' financial behavior.   

For more information contact us at (800) 445-3328.

All loans subject to Sky Federal Credit Union's customary due diligence underwriting, credit approval and documentation. Other terms and conditions may apply.  

Credit Card Application & Solicitation Disclosure