Need some quick cash, but don’t want to pay a fee? Finding surcharge-free ATMs is easy with the CO-OP Network.


Surcharge-Free ATMs

Your Sky FCU Visa Debit or ATM Card can be used to access over 30,000 surcharge-free ATM's worldwide. 

  • Easily find an ATM virtually anywhere in the U.S., via the CO-OP Network
  • Make surcharge-free withdrawals at over 30,000 locations nationwide
  • Make surcharge-free deposits at over 9,000 ATM locations nationwide
  • Easily search for the location nearest to you:
    • Online – by address, city and state, or zip code
    • Text – Send a street address or zip code or "City State" to 91989 to find the closest locations
    • Call – 1-888-SITE-CO-OP for locations
    • GPS – Add CO-OP ATM Network Locator database to your GPS
  • Use ATMs located at several popular retail outlets, including:
    • Walgreens®
    • Costco®
    • 7-Eleven®
    • And more!

Find a surcharge-free CO-OP ATM now.


Local Surcharge Free ATM terminals:


Branch Drive Up                                       116 E. Park Street

Town Pump                                               716 E. Park Street

Town Pump                                               2128 W. Park Street



Branch Drive Up                                       777 E. Main Street

Inside Walmart                                         1500 N. 7th Avenue

Town Pump                                               803 E. Main Street

Town  Pump                                              2607 W. Main Street

MSU Strand Union Building                 28 N. Bozeman Avenue



Branch Drive Up                                       95 N. Weaver

Town Pump                                              206A W. Jefferson Street

Town Pump                                              691 Jackrabbit Lane


Big Timber

Branch Drive Up                                      233 McLeod Street

Town Pump                                              20A Big Timber Loop Road

Town Pump                                              510 W. 1st Avenue



Town Pump                                              116 W. Main Street


Four Corners

Town Pump                                              29001 Norris Road



Thriftway Super Store                              404 S. Broadway Street


Three Forks

Thristway Super Store                             5 N. Main Street


Please be aware that surcharge fees are dependent on the institution that owns the ATM terminal. If you are using an ATM at another institution, please be sure to read the message on the ATM screen that notifies you of any charges you may recieve.