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Sky_9058_Home_Ln_WS1Planning for a future home purchase – Check out our First Time Home Buyer Savings Account.

Looking to buy your dream home? Find out just how much you can afford! Click here to use our Mortgage Qualifier Calculator.

Let us help you through the complicated process of purchasing a home with our great low rate home loans. We offer in-house and secondary market loans for purchasing a home or for refinancing your existing loan.


  • Competitive Rates
  • Finance up to 95% of purchase price or appraised value, whichever is less
  • Balloon Payment Options
  • Flexible terms and several repayment plans to choose from
  • New home purchase or existing home mortgage refinance

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An Escrow Account may be required on our Home Loan products.  Funds in the escrow account are used to pay property taxes, insurance, private mortgage insurance (PMI), and flood insurance on property that is held as collateral.  The required monthly deposits are determined when the mortgage is created.  Member withdrawals are not allowed out of an Escrow Account, this ensures that your taxes and insurance will be paid.  You don’t have to worry about paying your property taxes and mortgage insurance – we will do it for you!  An Escrow Analysis is conducted annually to account for changes in taxes and insurance costs and may impact the amount of your monthly payment.



Call us at (800) 445-3328 or email us at mortgages@skyfcu.org and one of our helpful Real Estate Specialists will get more details on our home loans today!

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