Sky FCU encourages members to make responsible financial decisions, but we also know there are times in life when making your monthly loan payment might be difficult due to certain situations or events, such as illness, car repairs, unplanned travel, etc. 

The Skip-A-Payment program provides a way to manage these special circumstances. Instead of cutting corners to make your monthly payment on your Sky FCU loan, you can skip your payment for a month and you use those funds for other needs.

To qualify for the program, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • All Sky FCU loans must be current and in good standing
  • You may 'skip' each eligible loan one time per year
  • Loan to be skipped must be current for six months prior
  • Interest will continue to accrue during the period to be skipped, which will extend the term of the loan
  • Program does not apply to First mortgage real estate, Mobile homes, any single or annual payment loans, or Business Loans (except Business Express Loans)
  • Loans protected with G.A.P. (Guaranteed Asset Protection); please review your contract for eligibility
  • A $35.00 processing fee will be charged with each Skip A Payment or Holiday Helper

To apply for Skip-A-Payment, simply email us.

[email protected]

*Holiday Helper is available each year: November–January