Beware: Fraudulent text msgs and phone calls posing as Sky

Sky Federal Credit Union has been made aware of a scam where someone not affiliated with Sky is sending texts and making phone calls fraudulently posing as the credit union.  Please be cautious of any calls originating from 800 numbers claiming to be Sky Federal Credit Union.  The fake text messages are currently coming from (846) 620-2151, but that may vary due to ever changing fraudulent behavior.  

The Fake Messages will start with:  1/2 Free Msg:  SKY F.C.U and will not reference your card.  Be advised that this is NOT the credit union and is Fraudulent.  Please Do NOT respond.

Real Messages will start with:  FreeMsg Fraud Center Alert/Sky FCU and will reference the last 4 digits of your card number.

If further clarification is needed, please call Sky Federal Credit Union at (406) 222-1750.